Ai and ML Pharma Platform 4.0

Bright Path Laboratories, Inc. (“BPL”) is an advanced drug development and manufacturing company that produces pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines using an innovative advanced manufacturing platform and technology. We own and employ a unique and patented AI-enabled continuous flow manufacturing technology that is well positioned to revolutionize the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. 

By dramatically improving pharmaceutical production through redesigning of chemistry, intensified process development techniques coupled with an integrated innovative advanced manufacturing platform, BPL can offer affordable, high quality and readily available medicines to all.

Features, Advantages, Benefits of Flow Chemistry

Over the last decade, Bright Path leadership has gained significant scientific and technical expertise in the areas of chemical reaction design, green chemistry, and process evaluation. This includes the successful development of 32 chemistry/API methods with BPL’s spinning-tube-in-tube (STT®) technology spanning commodity and specialty organic chemicals, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, electronic applications, and nanotechnology.

The Company was created for the purpose of becoming a market leader in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”) and related pharmaceutical products in the United States. 

Redefining Drug Development with its AI-Enabled Technology and Highly Specialized Development

By reducing the complexities of process and chemistry, the path to regulatory approval can be accelerated. In addition, BPL’s innovative technology will provide the opportunity to engage with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Emerging Technology Team.

The heart of our approach is centered on our proprietary STT® technology that allows us to decrease the time and costs associated with conventional batch manufacturing processes by:

  1. accelerating the rates of chemical reactions (via superior momentum, heat, and mass transfer phenomenon);
  2. avoiding inefficiencies resulting from uneven mixing, temperature gradients, scale-up constraints, and excessive waste;
  3. controlling the quality of chemical processes in real-time with AI/ML which, when a problem is detected, can be immediately corrected and thus, reduce waste.

Types of Chemistries

We have extensive experience creating experimental, new chemistry methods.  We are able to rapidly develop continuous flow chemical synthesis and process optimization for a multitude of complex molecules requiring many different types of chemical reactions. 

Bright Path Lab’s MiniFab footprint requires only 3,000 square feet per system and can produce more than a dozen kilogram quantities of API using either our 1.2ml or  81ml reactor. Rapid translation of batch chemistries into STT® continuous flow process, is a BPL specialty and offers a wide range of chemistries to be successfully performed in our system. 

Higher reaction conversions, yield and reduced impurities lead to increased process efficiencies, along with increased production adds to economic maximization. With accelerated timelines to clinical, pilot or plant scales quantities, fast change and clean out capabilities, smaller facility line and utility demands lead to a reduced physical and environmental footprint. 

The complete package is delivered by the Bright Path Laboratory’s MiniFab System for your product and complete consideration for worker, consumer and ecosystem protection.