Bright Path Labs  chosen as a collaborator in a first-ever National Science Foundation Engines Award

Bright Path is proud to have been chosen to collaborate with the The Puerto Rico  Science, Technology, & Research Trust in a $1M NSF Innovation Engines Development Award

Mar 18, 2020

Bright Path Laboratories, Inc. (BPL), a provider of continuous flow reactor technology, was accepted into the FDA’s Emerging Technology Program, paving the way for the company to provide its low-cost and scalable technology to the domestic API manufacturing sector.

The Emerging Technology Program was created to help promote the adoption of innovative approaches to pharmaceutical product design and manufacturing and allows private companies the opportunity to discuss, identify, and resolve potential technical and regulatory issues regarding the development and implementation of new technology.

The U.S. imports approximately 72% of its APIs used in domestic pharmaceutical products from foreign countries, including China. An overreliance on API imports presents national security, supply chain, and public health risks.

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