GC3 Membership and Innovators Roundtable Invitation

Oct 25, 2022

Bright Path Labs is proud to announce its admittance to the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3)! We are eager to learn from and collaborate with leaders in sustainable and green technologies across different sectors. Our technology and approach are deeply rooted in Green Chemistry’s 12 Principles, so we are thrilled to participate in an organization of firms that uphold and put into practice these fundamentals. Read more about Bright Path’s recent ascension into the group at Startup Cohorts — Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) (greenchemistryandcommerce.org)

On November 8th, Bright Path will be attending the GC3 Innovator’s Roundtable in Philadelphia! We look forward to introducing ourselves to the broader membership and exemplifying how Green Chemistry can be the backbone of innovation and progress in the pharmaceutical industry. Read more about the Innovator’s Roundtable at 2022 GC3 Innovators Roundtable — Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) (greenchemistryandcommerce.org)