Patient Advocacy

Rare & Orphan

Rare Diseases Are Not So Rare

Million people are affected by rare & orphan diseases

diseases considered rare & orphan


of rare disease patients are children


of rare diseases have no FDA-Approved treatment

A disease is classified as “rare” when it affects a small population – fewer than 200,000 people.

Bright Path Laboratories is committed to the Rare and Orphan Disease Community. Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, and quality medicines for all, including those with Rare and Orphan Diseases. Bright Path’s advanced, continuous flow technology allows us to rapidly develop drugs and manufacture small batch pharmaceuticals, which succinctly fit the protocols for many rare and orphan medicines.

Bright Path is committed to working with patient communities, researchers, and physicians to discover new ways to improve people’s lives by pursuing areas of drug development and small-batch, API manufacturing of rare and orphan drugs. No patient should ever be left behind because they’ve been diagnosed with a rare disease.

If you are a patient, patient advocate, researcher, or physician interested in our work in Rare and Orphan Diseases, please reach out.

Social Responsibility & Diversity

Bright Path’s mission is to provide accessible, safe, sustainable, and domestically manufactured medicines to all people. In order to do so, we at Bright Path recognize how critical it is to represent the diverse fabric of the United States in our workplaces. As we aim to push the pharmaceutical industry into the 21st century with our technology, we also grasp how important it is that our values and culture push forward in tandem. As Bright Path strives to shift the pharmaceutical industry towards greater progress and equity, we vow to serve and give a voice to a diverse array of patient groups and communities.