Custom API Process Development and Manufacturing

Bright Path Laboratories agile and adaptable approach allows us to perform cost-effective custom clinical and non-clinical active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing on large or small scales. We customize both the supply chain and process chemistry to meet your needs. While our work is high-speed, low-cost, and eco-friendly, we meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance.

Using our advanced technology and network of scalable facilities, Bright Path can exercise on-demand, distributive manufacturing and diligent supply chain management. With greater control over accelerated, continuous flow reactions, we can ensure our final products are of high quality and accompanied by negligible waste.

Rapid Drug Development

Bright Path draws on its groundbreaking advanced technology and passionate team of world-class scientists to perform rapid drug development. We simultaneously offer formulation services and manufacturing abilities to provide clients with smooth project integration. Our agile approach offers accelerated proof-of-concept to manufacturing scale and fast go/no go decisions. By introducing scalable flow chemistries during early candidate development, we take advantage of the benefits of a continuous process throughout the material value chain. Continuous flow methods also allow Bright Path scientists to perform difficult chemistries safely, enabling our team to quickly assess drug viability and future steps. Leverage a sustainable, efficient, and innovative process: work with Bright Path to explore and perform drug development.

Key Starting Materials, Intermediates Process Development and Manufacturing

Bright Path is able to use its advanced continuous flow platform and AI-enabled STT reactor to produce high-quality Key Starting Materials and Intermediates. Bright Path scientists implement Green Chemistry principles to design direct and efficient chemical pathways that reduce the number of process steps, resulting in lower costs, quicker turnarounds, and greater sustainability. Our adaptable approach and process can efficiently cater to your needs by leveraging our highly scalable on-demand manufacturing facilities and versatile production techniques. Take advantage of a process that is highly efficient, eco-friendly, and cutting-edge: work with Bright Path to process develop and manufacture Key Starting Materials and Intermediates.

Take the Next Step

Are you looking for a secure and sustainable supply of generic small molecules API, Key Starting Materials, or Intermediates that are made in America?  Would you like to leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that respects the environment, reduces costs, and speeds up turnaround? Work with us on custom process development and manufacturing!

Are you in early to late-stage drug development and seeking Rapid Drug Development? Bright Path will help accelerate your product through phases and optimize your route to an affordable and scalable supply. Work with our dedicated Scientific team to take your project from a molecule on the drawing board to a commercial product!

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