How will Quartic’s partnership with Bright Path Labs expand its presence in the life sciences?

Dec 12, 2020

Bright Path Labs has a technology that brings speed to the commercialization of API production. Continuous manufacturing is a big need in the pharmaceutical sector and Bright Path lab’s technology accelerates that process. In order to enable and commercialize the technology, they needed modern automation. It became a natural fit for us to work together, as their method of manufacturing can be accelerated with the use of machine learning and AI. In moving from one molecule to the other molecule in the same reactor it is a challenge to get to quality production quickly.

They are using inline monitoring (ILM), which are analytic measurements, generally done offline. That is typical for a batch process. However, if you have a continuous process you need to do those measurements online. Quartic is able to use online measurements to create closed-loop control. This creates a semi-autonomous control system. It has basic automation that is going to control the equipment but the basic automation is being guided by AI models, which will be trained for particular molecules. For each molecule, we know what the perfect setpoints will be to achieve a quality target quickly.